Fade Prevention Tips


Here are some quick, simple tips that you can remember when washing your clothing that will help you to maintain the life of your wardrobe and prevent fading from happening on your favorite pieces. Use these tips each time you wash your clothes at Best Wash Laundromat.  Each of our Missouri stores and our Belleville and Cahokia IL stores offer free drying when you wash your clothing at our laundromat.

Tip #1  – Read and Follow the Instructions on the Clothing’s Label

Most all pieces of clothing come with a small tag on the inside of the piece that details what the garment is made of and the best ways of washing and drying it. You should read the tags on your clothing and ensure that you are washing the clothing exactly as they have detailed, including paying attention to the water temperature that they may mention, the cycle speed,  and other preferred methods of cleaning. Some clothing can only be hand washed. Do not try and wash an item that says hand wash only, or dry clean only.

Tip #2 – Flip your Clothing Inside out Before Putting in the Washer

If you get into the habit of turning your clothing inside out when washing them you will notice that your pieces have a longer life and colors do not fade as fast. The reason for this is that our clothing moves a great deal when inside a washing machine as its being washed with other pieces of clothing. The friction from moving and rubbing up against other articles of clothing being washed along with it and the walls of the washer basin creates enough energy that results in the dye in the garment being rubbed out. Turning your clothing inside out means that the inside of the garment gets the most friction rather than the outside.

#3 – Use a Fabric Conditioner

Lots of people skip a step when washing their clothing. Those that add a conditioning liquid to the washer along with their detergent report that their clothing’s colors last longer. Fabric conditioner makes the fabric softer and makes the clothing less abrasive during washing. Fabric conditioners also prevent pilling that can happen over time after many washes.

Tip #4 – Use a Colder Water Setting

Some garments must be washed in cold water, however not all. Even if a garment can be washed in warm or hot water, you do not have to choose that each time you wash it. It’s better to wash your garments in a cooler water to prevent the dye from running and fading. The warmer your water is during the wash cycle, the greater the chance that your garment’s dye will be more prone to fading. You can learn more about the perfect water temperature for washing your clothes, and what water temperature does to your clothes by reading information on our site.

Tip #5 – Use the Gentle Cycle Setting

Washers come with various cycles and if you choose a gentler cycle you will find that your garment maintains its color longer. Use the delicate cycle setting for the least abrasive type wash. If you use the normal cycle, or one that is labeled heavy you will be choosing the most abrasive setting. The sanitize setting is the longest setting and means that your clothing will be in the wash for an extended period going through numerous wash cycles.

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