Local Laundromats in Greater St. Louis Area and Western Illinois

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Why Choose Best Wash Laundromat?

We aim to provide a 5 star experience in less than hour! We have the biggest washers and the hottest dryers! Each of our locations offers Free WiFi while you do your laundry.

Best Wash Laundromat has been serving Missouri and Illinois for years! Our laundromats are clean, safe, and offer the best washers and hottest dryers so you don’t waste time getting your clothes clean and fresh. Each of our locations are monitored either by an attendant during operating hours or monitored 24/7 by state of the art security systems.

Benefits of Best Wash Laundromat

  • We’re close and convenient to you! Find the nearest laundromat to you and get started with your laundry!
  • Each of our Missouri locations, the Belleville and Cahokia Illinois locations offer Free Dryer Time when you wash at those stores
  • Safe, Secure, Monitored, Clean, and Fast!

Wash & Fold Laundry Service

Our Wash & Fold laundry pick up and delivery service gives you your time back! Let us wash, dry, and fold your laundry for you! Best Wash Laundry is easy to sign up for and even easier to use.

You have two options when using our Wash and Fold laundry service near St. Louis. First, you can schedule a pick up (laundry pickup and delivery sign up) and simply leave your laundry by the door. One of our team members will pick up your laundry and re-deliver it without you even noticing! Your second option is to leave your laundry at any of the nearest laundromat locations

Benefits of Wash & Fold Service

  • We do the heavy lifting of sorting, washing, drying and folding your laundry!
  • You choose your detergents, fabric softeners, and dry sheets. All products are included with the service
  • 1 day turn around! Your laundry will be re-delivered with 24 hours, smelling amazing and ready to wear!
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How Much Does Wash & Fold Laundry Service Cost?

Our Wash & Fold laundry pickup and delivery service has two pricing options:

wash and fold laundry pick up and delivery service near st louis pricing cost

Commercial Laundry Service






commercial laundry service near st louis and western Illinois.

What Does Commercial Laundry Service Include?

Our Commercial Laundry Service does the laundry for a wide variety of St. Louis and Western Illinois businesses. We offer commercial laundry for restaurants, hospitals and doctor offices, uniform laundry service, hotel laundry service, and general facility laundry service.

Our Commercial Laundry Service provides your business with a steady supply of clean towels, linens, uniforms, and more.

We make doing laundry convenient for your business! We’ll work together with you to schedule regular laundry pickup and delivery times that are best for your business. More importantly, we will provide our commercial laundry service at a price point that makes sense for your businesses’ budget!

Benefits of Commercial Laundry Service

  • Improve productivity and efficiency by having us handle the tedious and time-consuming task of laundry
  • Save money! Reduce water and electricity bills, avoid having to purchase expensive industrial washers and dryers.
  • Cleaner uniforms, linens, towels, etc. As professional washers, we’ve perfected the art of getting items clean!